Harris Faulkner's new Fox Nation special highlights the heroic stories of first responders

特別な, which is now available to stream on Fox Nation, details dramatic rescues ranging from burning buildings to treacherous hiking trails.

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I cannot wait to watch this,” former press secretary and Fox News‘Outnumbered’ co-host ケイリー・マケニー said during Faulkner’s announcement.

“…As crime has gone up in our country, as COVID was raging, guess who didn’t sit down? Guess who didn’t quarantine and isolate with the rest of us in lockdown? It was our first responders — the men and women who (Faulker) interviewedI can’t wait….I’ll be checking it out.

中 “数が多い,” Faulkner shared an exclusive clip from the special highlighting 911 dispatchers responding to calls about a house fire.

Faulkner narrates how theflames erupted” そして “lit up the night sky,” revealing audio from the 911 switchboard responding to many frantic emergency calls — underscoring just how courageous our country’s first responders really are.


In an effort to show its appreciation for these very acts of courage, Fox Nation will be donating $ 5 for every new sign-up between now and September 20 to Answer the Call, “an organization dedicated to providing support to families of New York City’s first responders killed in the line of duty,” said Faulkner.

フォークナー, who conveyed she is “名誉” to host the show, also announced that Fox Nation is offering active first responders a free one-year subscription to the streaming service.

All current police officers, EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters can sign up on フォックスネーション today to receive their offer.

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