Harris diventa la prima donna con il potere presidenziale mentre Biden è sotto anestesia per colonscopia di routine

Il presidente Joe Biden venerdì trasferirà temporaneamente il potere al vicepresidente Kamala Harris mentre è sotto anestesia per una colonscopia di routine, L'addetto stampa della Casa Bianca Jen Psaki ha detto ai giornalisti.

The Vice President will work from her office in the West Wing during this time,” Psaki said in a statement.
Biden arrived Friday morning at Walter Reed Medical Center to undergo a routine annual physicalhis first physical in office as the oldest first-term president in US history.
    It’s routine for a vice president to assume presidential powers while the president undergoes a medical procedure that requires anesthesia. Then-Vice President Dick Cheney did so on multiple occasions when then-President George W. Bush underwent routine colonoscopies.
      All'inizio di quest'anno, former President Donald Trump’s ex-press secretary Stephanie Grisham heavily implied that Biden’s predecessor underwent a colonoscopy in a secret visit to Walter Reed in 2019, but kept it quiet to avoid transferring presidential power to then-Vice President Mike Pence.
          In her book, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” Grisham does not use the term colonoscopy but heavily implies that’s what the trip was for. She says Trump’s hospital visit, which stirred weeks-long speculation about his health was avery common procedure,” during whicha patient is put under.She also writes that Bush had a similar procedure while in office. Grisham writes Trump did not want then-Vice President Mike Pence to be in power while he was sedated, which was part of the reason he kept his visit private. He alsodid not want to be the butt of a jokeon late-night television, writes Grisham.
          Questa è una storia di rottura e verrà aggiornata.

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