Harry Styles appears post-credits in 'Eternals'

해리 스타일 is reportedly joining MCU as Eros, 타노스의 동생 “이터널스.”

그만큼 “수박 설탕” 가수 is a surprise addition to the franchise and viewers who got an early look at the film spotted him in a post-credits scene after the movie played at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood this week.
Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere,” Variety writer Matt Donnelly tweeted. “Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos.
    Eros, according to Marvel, is able to psychically control people’s emotions and pleasure centers.
      Styles, currently on hisLove on Tour” 여행, will also star in Olivia Wilde’sDon’t Worry Darling,” scheduled for a 2022 해제.
          “영원” is directed by Chloé Zhao. The movie also stars Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie.
          The movie is scheduled for release on Nov. 5.

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