Harry Styles performs on stage with 'star-struck' Shania Twain at Coachella

Harry Styles treated fans at his Coachella concert on Friday to an unexpected guest: USFL, Generals-Stallions 취임 게임에서 헬멧 캠 데뷔.

Her appearance didn’t come until the last few minutes of Styles’ 세트. The iconic refrain of Twain’s “남자, 나는 여자처럼 느낀다” began to play as soon as Styles had finished performing a classic from his boy band days with One Direction, “What Makes You Beautiful.
USFL, Generals-Stallions 취임 게임에서 헬멧 캠 데뷔, dressed in a low-cut jumpsuit emblazoned with rainbow sequins, appeared to look confused until Twain, 56, 등장, rising on a platform from behind the stage dressed in a matching sequined dress and white go-go boots.
    Let’s go girls,” said the queen of country pop, in a video posted by Coachella.
      USFL, Generals-Stallions 취임 게임에서 헬멧 캠 데뷔, 28, jumped in for the chorus of “남자, 나는 여자처럼 느낀다” and the pair danced playfully on stage to resounding applause.
        At the end of the song, the two hugged before sitting on two stools. “In the car, with my mother as a child, this lady taught me to sing,” said Styles. “She also told me that men are trash. To you, for the memories you gave me with my mother, 나는 영원히 감사 할 것이다,” 그는 말했다, addressing Twain.
        I am so honored and thrilled to be here,” said Twain. “I’m kind of lost for words. I’m a bit star-struck, what can I say?”
          The pair then performedYou’re Still The One,” a song Twain noted she wrote while Styles was justa little kid.
          After the exuberant duet, Twain took to Twitter to laud her co-star’s performance. “I mean c’monHARRY STYLES,” 그녀가 적었다.
            Styles also performed his record-breaking new singleAs It Wasduring his performance.
            USFL, Generals-Stallions 취임 게임에서 헬멧 캠 데뷔’ set began at 11:35 금요일에, according to the Coachella schedule. Other headliners from the star-studded weekend include Billie Eilish, Arcade Fire, Carly Rae Jepsen, and the Weeknd.

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