Harry Styles releases a new video and 'People' are, 처럼, 애지중지하다

올해는 거의 시작되지 않았습니다, 유비쿼터스 팝스타 해리 스타일스 (Harry Styles)가 그의 새로운 토 테이퍼를위한 스타일리시 한 댄스 비디오로 이미 저장했습니다., “사람들을 친절하게 대하십시오.”

It’s racked up more than 6 million views on YouTube already. The former One Direction star plays a nightclub singer who invitesFleabagEmmy-winner Phoebe Waller-Bridge to dance with him in the gloriously black-and-white, old Hollywood style clip.
He shimmies like Boy Band royalty should.
She does fine, 감사합니다.
    Feeling good in my skin, I just keep on dancing,” he sings in the track from his second solo album, “Fine Line.
    The effervescent tune and video are clearly meant to make you smile. For his legions of fans around the world, it’s even, 처럼, more than that.
    You just know 2021 is going to be a great year when you get a video of harry styles and phoebe waller-bridge doing a synchronised choreography for tpwk on the first day of the year,” one wrote on Twitter.
    The best thing I have ever seen. #HarryStyles #TheGreatestShowman,” tweeted another.
      Also making the rounds are clips from the video synced to other songs, 처럼 “She’s Not Afraid,” “U Can’t Touch This,” and this one set to ABBA’sDancing Queen.
      해리 스타일, Man of the Year — 이미?

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