Ai residenti delle Hawaii è stato detto di rimanere a casa mentre il vulcano Kilauea erutta

L'agenzia di protezione civile della contea delle Hawaii (COH) ha chiesto ai residenti di rimanere in casa dopo che il vulcano Kilauea è esploso a seguito di una serie di terremoti.

The eruption on the Big Island took place late Sunday night local time at the Halemaumau Crater, COH said. The Kilauea Volcano observatory raised the alert level to warning, an advisory said.
A glow was detected within the crater of the volcanos summit andan eruption has commenced within Kilauea’s summit caldera,” il advisory said.
Trade winds will push any embedded ash toward the Southwest. Fallout is likely in the Kau District in Wood Valley, Pahala, Naalehu and Ocean View. Stay indoors,” un tweet from COH said.
    The advisory comes after a 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck near Hilo late Sunday local time, according to the United States Geological Survey’s Earthquake monitoring website.
      USGS shows that at least seven other earthquakes ranging from 2.5 per 2.7 magnitude have occurred over the previous few hours.
      Kilauea erupted in May 2018, destroying more than 700 le case and forcing residents to evacuate, CNN previously reported.

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