Help Central America hurricane victims

Hurricane Iota on Tuesday slammed into an already storm-ravaged Nicaragua as a Category 4 tempesta. It is now a tropical storm, but there remains a danger of life-threatening floods, catastrophic winds and mudslides.

The landfall was just 15 miles south of where Hurricane Eta hit two weeks ago. E left thousands displaced and dozens killed in Central America.
Non-profits are mounting relief efforts across Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala to provide shelter, food and medical care to those left in need after the storm pushes through. You can help by clicking on the button below.
Iota is the 13th hurricane of the historic 2020 Stagione degli uragani atlantici. Finora, ci sono stati 30 chiamato tempeste, the most ever recorded. The combined devastation from Iota, Eta and the coronavirus pandemic will likely plague the areaalready suffering from a poor public health systemfor years to come.




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