Ayudar! There's a seal in my treadmill! The year's best animal rescue photos from the RSPCA

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a stinker of a year for many of usbut a British animal welfare organization, the RSPCA, has shared some pictures that may make you smile.

The RSPCA released its list of the year’s top animal rescues, to cheer people up in what it said has been achallenging year.
The RSPCA had to use Vaseline as a lubricant to free the fox.

When workers arrived at a gym equipment warehouse in Llanelli, Gales, they were surprised to find a gray seal pup, trapped between treadmills. The seal, which is thought to have reached the warehouse by traveling up a nearby river, was transported back to the water, and later taken to a wildlife center.
This angry-looking tawny owl needed help after getting stuck inside a fireplace.

mientras tanto, a young fox got more than he bargained for when he fancied a drinkthe animal was discovered by RSPCA staff with a watering can on his head, which officers had to pull free using Vaseline as lubricant.
    A badger needed a bit of help after getting his butt wedged in a garden fence.

    And then there was the badger who got his butt wedged in a fence in Kent, Inglaterra, and an unimpressed owl stuck behind a fire grate.
    An eight-week-old cockapoo crawled under the recliner and got his fur caught. The RSPCA freed him with the help of the local fire department.

      Some of the animal encounters were more terrifying than hilarious, including an escaped pet snake, who was discovered by a horrified gas worker who was attempting to read a meter.
      A gas worker got a slithery surprise when attempting to read the meter.

      “Mientras 2020 felt like a difficult year, it hasn’t all been doom and gloom. Our animals have provided comfort, joy and happiness while we endured lockdown uncertainty,” the organization said.
      A hungry hedgehog crawled inside a discarded bird feeder in search of food and got stuck.




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