Here are ways you can help the victims of the Bronx Fire

1월에 9, 2022, an electric space heater sparked a fire in a Bronx apartment building that killed 17 사람들, eight of them children. New York City’s fire commissioner said it is one of the worst fires in the city’s modern history.

이상 60 people were injured and 32 are in the hospital with life-threatening conditions.
As the fire’s full toll unfolds, relief groups are helping those affected. Below are ways you can contribute to assist victims of the fire and the families involved:
      The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City has set up an online fundraiser where money will go toward emergency relief supplies and support for the victims and their families.
        The Global Empowerment Mission has also set up an online fundraiser to collect money for victims of the fire. GEM will be providing help to residents displaced by the fire as well distributing food, water and other essential items.
          The American Red Cross New York Region is providing assistance as well as emergency housing for families affected by the fire. It will also be providing food, water and emotional support assistance from trained mental health volunteers.




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