Herschel Walker accuses Democrats of denouncing violence ‘yet you don’t really mean it

Herschel Walker accuses Democrats of denouncing violence 'yet you don't really mean it'

Democratic political leaders have given token statements denouncing violence and rioting in cities across America, but have failed to take meaningful action, former NFL running back Herschel Walker told이야기Friday night.

“아니에요 [ㅏ] peaceful [항의] when they say you have got to disperse,” Walker told host Jon Scott in response to reports of a third night of unrest in Louisville following a grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor 케이스. “It means you have got to go home, [그러나] they didn’t go home. They moved to another place.

Walker, 누가 이겼는지 1982 Heisman Trophy as a junior at the University of Georgia and who addressed the Republican National Convention last month, added thatevery governor should be punished who is going to let people be injured because there is not a peaceful protest when you have police officers that were shot earlier.

We need law and order right now in the United States of America.


Walker added that all Americans, regardless of race, want to live in a peaceful and orderly society, and even though he doesn’t like tocall outpolitical parties, Democrats need tostart doing their job.

They say you can denounce violence and the riots,” 그는 말했다. “You can denounce it, but yet you really don’t mean it. If you really mean it, you have to tell the people this is unlawful.

It’s time for these governors, it’s time for these mayors to start doing their job or they get sued by the citizens. 알 잖아, people work hard for their job. And when people are injured, when people are hurt, when people are killed, you need law and order.

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