Hertz bied 'n gratis huurdag aan om kiesers te help om hul burgerlike plig vir die verkiesingsdag uit te oefen

Hertz is helping people get to the polls by offering a free rental day.

Die huurmotormaatskappy skakel die program “Ry die stem.” Enige kliënt wat 'n motor huur vanaf November 2 for two or more days will get a free day on the rental from the company’s neighborhood locations, according to the Hertz website.
We want to make it easier for people to exercise their right to voteespecially those who need safe and reliable transportation,” said Laura Smith, the firm’s executive vice president of global marketing and customer experience in 'n verklaring.
We’re happy to provide local and convenient mobility options to the communities we serve on Election Day.
    Hertz has also supported communities in other ways during the pandemic, including helping members of critical worker populations get to and from work safely. The company provided $ 2 million in free month-long car rentals to more than 2,000 healthcare workers in New York City.

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