Versteek in die mure: Die wilde dinge wat mense in hul huise gevind het 2020

Versteek in die mure: Die wilde dinge wat mense in hul huise gevind het 2020

You never know what’s hiding behind your walls.

Performing any sort of home renovation can be stressful, as it’s not uncommon for homeowners to find major problems once they open up their walls. In sommige gevalle, egter, the exact opposite happens, and some lucky homeowners find amazing secrets that had been sitting behind a layer of sheetrock, just waiting to be found.

Family finds hidden room behind a bedroom closet

Abriana Cristel posted videos to TikTok after her mom’s boyfriend moved into their home and they decided they needed a little extra room in the bedroom closet. When the family knocked down the back wall, egter, they found way more than they expected.


My mom broke her closet wall down and it turned out to be a whole new room that the people never finished. We’ve been at this house for 3 yrs

♬ oorspronklike klank – Abriana Cristel

As the footage shows, there is an entire extra section to the upper floor of the house. For reasons that were unclear, it was left unfinished and walled off. Aside from some sheetrock panels, several lights had been installed, and markings on the wall indicated that a bathroom was going to be built too. Oddly enough, the area that would be the doorway to the area is incredibly short and stands at about only 5 voet lank, according to approximate measurements.

Apartment hunter finds secret exit hidden in kitchen cabinet

Jamie Wilkes shared a video he recorded of this bizarre discovery to his Twitter page, where it quickly went viral. The footage begins by showing what appears to be a normal, cramped apartment kitchen. Things take an unexpected turn, egter, when the camera pans to a seemingly empty area on the countertop.

Wilkes then lifts up the countertop, revealing an empty space. He then opens the fake cabinet door, which opens into a staircase hidden behind the kitchen counters. The stairs lead to a door to the outside of the building.


Homeowner shocked after heavy rain reveals secret buried under yard

John Reynolds had no idea that there was a pool in the backyard of the house he bought for just under $ 20,000. But the backyard was a mess when he moved in, and it turns out the pool had been filled with dirt and other debris.

The house had reportedly been owned by a hoarder before Reynolds bought it. When he first took ownership, it was full of junk and feral cats, and the backyard appeared to contain an overgrown garden. It wasn’t until a heavy downpour shifted the dirt and debris that the pool was discovered. Prior to that, Reynolds says the only thing he noticed was that one section of the backyard always seemed to be a bitboggy.

Paartjie vind 60 bottles of bootleg whiskey from the ’20s in secret walls of NY home

Nick Drummond, who owns a house with his partner Patrick in Ames, N.Y., spoke with Fox News in October about their boozy find upon opening up an exterior wall on their house: The two discovered “oor 60 bottles actually, and there are more compartments we have to open in the floor,” het hy destyds gesê. “I definitely think there is more to find! Kan wees 30% of the bottles are full.

According to Drummond, they had previously heard stories about the house that hinted at its secrets.

We were actually told by a neighbor that the home was rumored to have been built by a bootlegger and a German baron,” hy het gesê, “and found the story endearing but took it with a grain of salt. We never thought any part of the story was actually true!”


Huiseienaar in Engeland vind verborge skuiling onder mangatdekking in die agterplaas

A British homeowner decided that after decades of living at the same property, he would finally see what was hidden under a mysterious manhole cover in his backyard. And as it turns out, the house had a surprise feature that had literally been buried and forgotten about.

After finally removing the lid, Khandu Patel discovered an air raid shelter dug out under his backyard, The Sun reports. According to the homeowner, he and his wife have lived in the house for 40 years and had no idea the extra space was underneath their backyard this entire time. And his plans for it? Wel, he intends to turn it into a little personal bar, natuurlik.




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