Hiland Dairy recalls batch of chocolate milk, saying it may contain food-grade sanitizers

A batch of chocolate milk has been recalled after it was discovered that some could contain food-grade sanitizers.

Hiland Dairy is recalling half-pint, 1% low fat, chocolate milk, sold in small cartons, produced in Norman, 俄克拉荷马州, the company said in an announcement. Consuming food-grade sanitizers could cause illness.
Affected products were distributed to these areas, 根据公告:
  • Oklahoma City, 俄克拉荷马州, metro area
  • Western Oklahoma
  • 达拉斯
  • 圣安东尼奥, 德州
  • Tyler, 德州
The sell-by date fs January 27, 2021, and only products with the plant code #4025 are involved.
总共, eight cases were affected, though Hiland Dairy is recalling all of the product with the January 27 日期, 公司说.
Hiland Dairy initially learned of a potential issue and then confirmed after internal quality-control testing. The company promptly contacted the US Food and Drug Administration (美国食品药品管理局) to initiate the product recall,” 公司说.
Food grade sanitizers are often used to clean surfaces touched by food. They often contain harmful chemicals that should not be consumed.