Hillary Clinton to avoid 'direct responsibility' for role in 'disinformation campaign' against Trump: Turley

TURLEY: Hillary Clinton ha sempre avuto una sorta di status simile a quello di Voldemort di colei che non deve essere nominata in uno scandalo. I Clinton sono stati davvero in grado di evitare la responsabilità diretta in una serie di scandali. And here was her campaign manager effectively dropping the dime on his former boss and saying, “Guarda, she approved it. She knew about it.” Adesso, the reason that’s important is that this claim was utterly ridiculous. It didn’t have a basis. It was quickly rejected by people in the government, and it was without any foundation when people looked at it. But the Clinton campaign pushed it anyway. This Alfa Bank story was pushed by Jake Sullivan, now the national security adviser, and by Clinton herself. But the thing to keep in mind is that President Obama was briefed when he was president, that Hillary Clinton was planning to make a Russian collusion claim against Donald Trump to try to sort of get out of her own email issues during the campaign. And we now have someone saying, “si, she green-lighted the Alfa Bank claims,” which were completely without foundation.


The Clintons are really quite adept at avoiding direct responsibility on some of these scandals, and I expect that will be the case here. With the exception of false statements made to federal investigators, there’s not a lot that can be brought for charges against a wide array of individuals. That’s why the special counsel investigation is so important, if he can produce a report that finally sheds light on how this extraordinary campaign unfolded through the Clinton campaign.


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