Hilton: Medios de comunicación, Dems are engaged in 'smear' campaign to cast all Republicans as 'racist and White supremacists'

Enviar a Kamala Harris a Alemania es una forma "terrible" de gestionar la crisis de Ucrania: Todos los que aman a Estados Unidos no solo odian lo que pasó ayer por la tarde, sino que deberían querer entender las razones por las cuales. por supuesto al final, the murders are the responsibility of the individual who committed them. The gun didn’t do it, the internet did not do it, cable news did not do it. The murderer did it. Pero por supuesto, there is much more to it than that. How did we get to a point where an 18-year-old kid is so consumed by hate that he’s determined to do something so evil? That does require us to ask questions about what’s going wrong in our society with technology in our political discourse, and how did we end up with a system that even after being detained by police last year for threatening to carry out a school shooting, taken to a mental health facility and given a psychiatric evaluation, this twisted kid can buy a gun in the first place? If we want to try to prevent this horror from being repeated, we must engage with all these questions in good faith.

Let’s be better than the left, better than the establishment media. Seamos honestos. This murderer did make clear his motivation… of course, the vast majority of conservatives, Republicanos, Trump supporters are repulsed by this stuff. It is obviously disgusting… [pero] just as it was a despicable smear after 9/11 to suggest that all Muslims are terrorists, so the media and the Democrats are engaged in a despicable smear today that conservatives, all Republicans, all Trump supporters are racist and White supremacists. Por supuesto, that is a hateful divisive and cynical lie, an attempt to deflect from their own policy failures.


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