Hilton says 'incapacitated' Biden should 'resign, or be removed from office immediately' over formula shortage

史蒂夫·希尔顿: More than Biden’s border crisis, more than Biden’s inflation crisis…the Biden baby crisis proves beyond any doubt that this Biden regime, the whole rotten crew of Obama retreats, swamp time-servers and juvenile activists is totally unserious and completely incompetent.

We were promised ‘The West Wing’ and we ended up with ‘Veep.’ We’ve gone from [手术] Warp Speed with Trump, to car crash with Biden. Just look what Biden has done to our standing in the world. Begging for oil from Venezuela, and baby food from Europe… Biden literally has no clue what’s going on around him.

This is the real crisis. The underlying crisis, the crisis underlying the inflation crisis and the border crisis and the Afghan crisis and the baby crisis and all the others is Biden’s capacity to do his job. The policy failures, the broken promises, these are things for our political process to resolve in the timehonored way through elections, but Biden’s obvious inability to perform the duties of president properly, that’s different. We cannot wait until 2024. It’s not right….that’s no reason for the United States of America to tolerate an incapacitated president. We must respect the constitution. Biden has proven he’s not fit to be president. He should resign or be removed from office immediately.