Hip-hop singer John 'Ecstasy' Fletcher from '80s hip-hop group Whodini dead at 56

约翰 “狂喜” 弗莱彻, 1980年代嘻哈音乐团体Whodini的创始人, 在星期三死于 56, 根据他的家人发表的声明.

在确认他死亡的声明中, daughter Jonnelle Fletcher called hima most endeared, generous, and sincere soul.
John ‘EcstasyFletcher was a beloved man, the life partner to Deltonia and ex-husband to Carla, twin brother to Joseph, 艺术家, 朋友, and lifetime performing partner to the Legendary Jalil of Whodini,” 声明如下.
Please send love and prayers to our family, and with open hearts we ask the ancestors to cover his soul in peace and tranquility. Play his music if it moves you, and know he’ll be hearing you on his way home this day, Dec 23rd.
    Portrait of members of the American Hip-hop group Whodini, Jalil Hutchins (剩下) and John Fletcher (aka Ecstasy) as they pose backstage at the UIC Pavilion, Chicago on October 20, 1984.

    Whodini was known for its singles like “友人” 和 “Freaks Come Out at Night.
    Hip-hop musician Ahmir Khalib Thompson, better known as Questlove, tweeted his condolences on Wednesday.
    One Love to Ecstasy of the Legendary #Whodini. This man was legendary and a pivotal member of one of the most legendary groups in hip hop,” Thompson wrote.
      Jermaine Dupri remembered Fletcher on Twitter, 写作, “thank you for every word, every conversation every good time, may your soul Rest In Power.
      Fletcher’s cause of death is unknown at this time.