Hollywood 'fixer' Anthony Pellicano laments urban decay: 'Men need to man up', 更新个人责任

佩利卡诺, 77, told Carlson about his upbringing in a 芝加哥 he described as more orderly, 面向家庭和安全. He told the host the rampant crime and open-air drug abuse and quality of life infractions were nonexistent back then – attributing it in part to the loss of American morals, increase in political correctness, and lack of masculinity among grown adult men.

I like men who take over and solve things– 你懂, like in the communities. There were men who took care of the problems… You didn’t see the kind of crime that you see now. And I know that there are going to be a lot of people that are going to maybe disagree with me, but when organized crime ruled Chicago, there wasn’t anything like the crime that there is now, because we didn’t allow it,” said Pellicano, who recounted his days working as a private investigator for dangerous or seemingly impossible cases.

It didn’t happen. In your neighborhood, you protected your neighbors. You understand like I said [in Chicago’s] Little Villages.

He told Carlson that Chicago was once a safe city for families and individuals, because city-dwellersunderstood respect – people don’t understand respect today.Drive-by shootings and needle-infested parks weren’t the epidemic they are today in urban areas, 他声称.

When he returned to society after 15 years in prison – following charges of conspiracy and wiretapping involving one of his cases focused on the late Las Vegas developer Kirk Kerkorian and ex-wife Lisa Bonder – Pellicano recalled being shocked by the rise of political correctness in that time.

Political correctness disgusts me. You understand? We never had that growing up. I never had that problem with other ethnic groups. I never had that that, 你懂, that immense hatred that I feel in this country now. 你懂, the talk about racism and allit’s all bull—. It’s all nonsense,” 他说.

When you live in a country this great, 我的意思是, there’s nothing better than America. People don’t get it. There’s nothing better than America. You have opportunities here that you can’t get anywhere else. People want to come into this country because they want those opportunities. And the love of country is gone. The patriotism is gone. And I don’t understand that, because it’s not logical.

Pellicano said America has collectively becomebrainwashedinto what he described as a weak-intellectual state, while returning to the argument that morals are nowhere to be seen in society.

He lamented the fact that many children are brought up without a moral structure or in areas rife with violent crime.


“[人] need to say to themselves this is our country. We should love our country. And we should do anything we can for the people that live in this country to be able to live normal lives, raise children without crime [和] protect the policeyou need the 警察.”

If you want to go into a federal prison and spend some time in there, you’ll be very happy that there was a cop that locked that son of an [脏话] 向上. You understand?

Because you don’t want that man roaming the streets, 你懂, raping your daughters, killing your children, 你懂, infesting the country with drugs. You don’t want thatSo fight it. Be men. We need men to man up, and say, I’m not going to allow this to happen. I’m not going to allow my children to have to live in a country like this. Stop being wimpy. Stop apologizing.

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