Homan goes off on Rashida Tlaib's new 'defund' push: 'Single dumbest thing I’ve heard' from any lawmaker


톰 호만: That’s the single dumbest thing I’ve heard any member of Congress say. A sitting member of Congress wants to defund the United States Department of Homeland Security that not only has CBP and ICE, but they have the Secret Service, the Coast Guard, FEMA, the terrorist screening center. She wants to defund the department that has responsibility for the safety, 보안, this nation. That is a ridiculous statement. ICE and CBP have done more to protect this country and take criminals off the street than she and the rest of the Squad will ever do it.

She wants you to defund somebody? I’ve got a suggestion. Defund Congress, defund the Squad, because name one thing they have done to improve this country. Name one thing they’ve done to address the rampant crime in the cities, the out-of-control border, the deficit, 아프가니스탄, the economy, they’ve done nothing. So they want to defund somebody. I suggest we stop giving them paychecks till they actually do their job.

She goes to bed every night and sleeps comfortably because of the safety and security provided by the same agencies that she wants to vilify. 역겨워.

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