Homan on border crossings hitting 'historic' high: マヨルカス長官は偽証罪を犯した, 弾劾されなければならない

元ICEディレクター代理のトム・ホーマンが参加 “アメリカのニュースルーム” 水曜日に急増に対処し、DHS長官のアレハンドロ・マヨルカスは南部の国境について嘘をついており、彼は弾劾されなければならないと述べた.

We’ve got over 66 known suspected terrorists arrested by CBP because of the open border. If they’ve arrested 66, let’s go back to 900,000 got-aways. How many of them entered the country illegally, got away, that are known suspected terrorists? This man, Secretary Mayorkas, needs to be impeached,” he told Griff Jenkins.


A new report released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows that 国境警備隊のエージェント apprehended ten people on a U.S. terror watch list in the month of July.

ザ・ 66 people caught at the border in Fiscal Year 2022 is more than twice the numbers from the previous five years combined. に 2017, encounters with people on the terror watchlist truly were rare, as they numbered just two. That number jumped to 6 in Fiscal Year 2018, but then went down to three in 2019 そして 2020. 会計年度 2021 saw a significant uptick, as there were 15 such encounters that year.

Homan said the influx is historic and emphasized that these numbers do not include got-aways.

You’re looking at over 4 million encounters since Biden became president. You add to that, we’re at 900,000 got-aways now. They average about 50,000 got-aways a month.

Homan did not hold back and claimed that DHS Secretary Mayorkas committed perjury by telling Congress that the southern border is secure.

The man has zero integrity. He said the same thing while under oath, testifying in front of Congress. It was perjury. 意見, if the Republicans take back Congress, he needs to be impeached. He has violated the oath he took. He’s made this country less safe.”

Homan said it is time to return to the border policies of the Trump administration which createdthe most secure borderof his lifetime.

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