House Democrats move swiftly to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of committee assignments

House Democrats are moving expeditiously to remove GOP Rep. 마조리 테일러 그린 from her committee assignments, a decisive step that comes as they pressure Republicans to rebuke the Georgia congresswoman over recently unearthed incendiary past statements.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, 아니오. 2 House Democrat, is planning to deliver an ultimatum to House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy on Greene this week, a source familiar tells CNN. Hoyer is expected to tell McCarthy that Republicans have 72 hours to strip Greene of her committee assignments, or Democrats will bring the issue to the House floor.
CNN has reached out to Hoyer’s office to ask for more details. Politico 처음보고 the ultimatum from the House majority leader.
The move by Democrats could set a risky precedent as they go after a sitting member of Congress over views expressed before serving as an elected officialand one that has the potential to some day be used against the party by Republicans.
    The House Rules Committee is slated to meet Wednesday to approve a rule for a resolution to kick Greene off the House Education and Labor committee and the Budget committee.
    The rule would govern the procedures for floor debate ahead of the full House’s consideration of the resolution to strip Greene of her committee assignments. It marks the first official step by House Democrats to oust Greene from her assignments.
    Despite the ultimatum, McCarthy is not yet tipping his hand on how he will handle Greene. An aide told CNN that McCarthy needs to speak with the congresswoman first.
    They need to have a person-to-person conversation,” a McCarthy spokesman said. The two are expected talk this week, but it’s still not clear when.
      지난주, a spokesman for the House Republican leader called comments from Greenedeeply disturbing” 후 CNN’s KFile reported that Greene repeatedly indicated support for executing prominent Democratic politicians in 2018 과 2019 before being elected to Congress. But most House Republicans have remained silent over the comments, even as Democrats have expressed growing outrage.
      The move from Hoyer to deliver an ultimatum suggests that Democratic leadership wants to give McCarthy time to act on Greene independently before pursuing a resolution on the House floor.

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