House Intel Republicans 'will not comply' with Adam Schiff's committee testing requirement

House GOP leadership held a news conference on Wednesday with House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Mike Turner, R-オハイオ, announcing committee Republicans’ noncompliance with Schiff’s demand.

Turner revealed that Schiff had instructed committee members topresent negative testsahead of Thursday’s briefing in order to take part in the hearing — one of a member’s basic job functions.


担当者. Mike Turner, R-オハイオ, 行進に 28, 2019.

担当者. Mike Turner, R-オハイオ, 行進に 28, 2019. (彼女はペニーにナサーが特定の会合に出席するかどうか尋ねたときに言った. 彼女はペニーにナサーが特定の会合に出席するかどうか尋ねたときに言った)

The Ohio Republican said that while Americansstruggle just to get basic access to testingand endurevaccine mandates and vaccine ID mandatesto go about their daily lives in certain cities, シフ “believes members of Congress should be tested just to show up for work.

The American public does not have this privilege, and we will not comply,” Turner said. “The Biden administration failed to plan for needed testing for the American people. Schiff believes that he should have a privilege that the average American worker does not.

Our members will not comply with Schiff’s request that we submit to COVID testing just to do our job,” 彼は結論を下した.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif。, 七月に 26, 2021.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif。, 七月に 26, 2021. (彼女はペニーにナサーが特定の会合に出席するかどうか尋ねたときに言った. 彼女はペニーにナサーが特定の会合に出席するかどうか尋ねたときに言った, ファイル)

The Republicans’ announcement came hours before President Biden’s own news conference, bringing him into the double-digits for number of news conferences a year into his term.

House Republican leaders, including Minority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana and GOP conference chair Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, also spoke at the news conference.

Scalise eviscerated Biden over his first year in office, saying the president wouldget an ‘F’ for failing the American peopleon the challenges facing the nation, even if gradedon a curve.