House Oversight report shows inadequate discipline for border agents connected to offensive Facebook groups

US Customs and Border Protection determined that 60 CBP agentsengaged in misconduct and were subject to disciplinein a review of controversial Facebook posts, a new congressional report says, but many only received light final penalties from the agency and remain in their posts.

The agency conducted 135 investigations into personnel affiliated with a controversial Facebook group calledI’m 10-15,which reportedly contained vulgar and offensive posts, and other similar groups, according to the House Oversight Committee report. グループ, “I’m 10-15,had more than 9,500 メンバー, レポートによると.
ザ・ 60 employees found to have committed misconduct violated CBP’s Standards of Conduct, like posting offensive and threatening content anddisclosing agency information without authorization.” それらのうち, 43 people were suspended without pay.
    Only two employees were removed.
      One Border Patrol agent who posteda sexually explicit doctored image and derogatory comments about a Member of Congresswas put on a 60-day suspension, instead of being removed, and was awarded back pay, レポートによると.
        I am deeply troubled by CBP’s broken disciplinary process that allowed for significant reductions in discipline and allowed agents to resume work with migrants and children after engaging in serious misconduct,” House Oversight Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democrat, 声明で言った. “CBP’s failure to prevent these violent and offensive statements by its own agents or impose adequate discipline creates a serious risk that this behavior will continue.
        It’s the latest set of findings to be released into reports of CBP employees posting offensive content on private Facebook groups. 5月, the Department of Homeland Security inspector general also released a report finding CBP employees violated policies by posting on social media platforms, and recommended the CBP commissioner ensure uniform application of social media policies and establish social media awareness training.
          Agents viewed theI’m 10-15Facebook group as an outletfor rising tensions and low moralewithin the agency, レポートによると.
          US Customs and Border Protection did not immediately respond to a CNN request for comment.
          Despite the CBP Discipline Review Board proposal that 24 agents be removed, CBP removed only two employees, including an agent who postedoffensive images of an alt-right and white supremacist symbol and sexualized images of a Member of Congress,” though a final decision is still pending arbitration, レポートによると.
          The House Oversight Committee requested documents from CBP in July 2019 to assess whether appropriate disciplinary action was taken, but the committee says it didn’t start receivingcomplete unredacted documentsuntil February 2021.
            Facebook refused to provide CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility with content from the secret Facebook group, limiting the agency’s internal investigation, according to Monday’s report.
            The committee recommended that CBP leaders put in place stronger reporting mechanisms and strengthen social media training.