众议院通过法案将美国家庭的刺激性付款提高至2G, 参议院前景不确定

众议院通过法案以增加刺激支付 $  2G for American households, 参议院前景不确定

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众议院通过法案以增加刺激支付 $ 2G到美国家庭 275-134 投票
Lawmakers in the House of Representatives on Monday passed a standalone bill that would raise the direct payment amounts distributed to American households under new COVID-19 relief legislation to $ 2,000, 从 $ 600.

The measure – supported by President Trump and Democrats – was approved by a margin of 275 至 134.

It will be sent to the Senate for approval where it faces slimmer chances in the Republican-controlled chamber.

星期日, President Trump signed a $ 900 billion relief appropriation, which calls for $ 600 direct payments to Americans. The president initially said he would not approve the measure, motivated by resistance rooted partially in the size of the direct payments.

他有, 然而, continued to advocate for increasing those payments to $ 2,000, and Democrats largely agree. Some Republicans, 然而, are wary of ballooning federal spending figures. 单击此处了解我们的更多故事.

House lawmakers override Trump’s defense bill veto
刺激检查 Round 2: 期待什么
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– 代表. Burgess on coronavirus stimulus checks: More money should go to Americans

Loeffler calls abuse allegations at camp overseen by rival Warnock ‘disqualifying
独家: 它的. 凯莉·洛夫勒(Kelly Loeffler), R-Ga。, on Monday described reports of alleged abuse at a camp overseen by Democratic candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock asdisqualifying” — after one of the victims described counselors allegedly throwing urine on him and locking him outside overnight.

It’s disgusting,” Loeffler said in an interview with Fox News. “It’s really alarming, and frankly it should be disqualifying.

Loeffler was reacting to a Washington Free Beacon report, in which 30-year-old Anthony Washington described the abuse he allegedly suffered as a 12-year-old at Camp Farthest Outa camp for inner-city children that Warnock oversaw in his role as the senior pastor of the Douglas Memorial Community Church in Maryland.

Washington told the outlet that a counselor forced him to spend the night sleeping outside in the cold by himself as a punishment for wetting the bed, and that counselors threw urine at him they used when there wasn’t a bathroom.

I went through that experience myself. I don’t even like talking about this s—Ť. That st happened. … It was like in a bucket. They would keep that st in a bucket,” 他说.

Washington said he saw counselorsgrab kids,” but didn’t know the extent of abuse at the camp, or if others had similar experiences.

Questions about Warnock’s role in the 2002 investigation have surfaced in recent weeks. Police records, obtained by the Free Beacon, said that Warnock was ‘extremely uncooperative and disruptive’ in the 2002 investigation into the camp. 点击这里了解更多.

Allegations in Georgia Democrat’s handling of child abuse case resurface
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Senate candidate Warnock sidesteps questions on ex-wife’s police video
– 洛夫勒, 珀杜 背部 leniency for US teen jailed in Cayman Islands for breaching coronavirus regs

Nashville bomber told neighbor world ‘never going to forget me
The suspect who authorities say was responsible for the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville reportedly told his neighbor in the days before the explosion thatNashville and the world is never going to forget me.

Laude, 57, a commercial truck driver, said he didn’t think much of the remark and thought Warner only meant thatsomething goodwas going to happen for him. He said he wasspeechlesslater when he read that authorities had identified Warner as the suspected bomber.

Nothing about this guy raised any red flags,” Laude said. “He was just quiet.

Authorities are working to determine a motive behind the explosion that damaged dozens of downtown buildings and injured three people.

We hope to get an answer. 有时, it’s just not possible,” David Rausch, the director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said in a Monday interview on NBC’s “今天” 表演. “The best way to find a motive is to talk to the individual. We will not be able to do that in this case.点击这里了解更多.

Nashville police camera footage 捕获 moments before, after explosion
After Nashville bombing, Tennessee lawmaker wants securing telecom infrastructure examined
– 联邦调查局 发布 new photo of Nashville bombing suspect
Nashville bombing suspect Anthony Quinn Warner was giving away 属性, claimed he was retiring, 生病: 报告
Nashville police ‘heroism’ against bombing proves law enforcement needs to be ‘fully funded’: 代表. Burchett


– 妮基·海莉(Nikki Haley) dubs 2020 ‘the year socialism went mainstream
CNN’s Jake Tapper mocked for saying Trump shared ‘mean tweets’ about him: ‘Pettiest man in news’
– NYC疫苗丑闻正在接受刑事调查, leaves hundreds in limbo for second dose
Salon owner 指责 Oregon governor of retaliating for resisting lockdown orders: ‘她吓坏了我的家人’
Bills earn 1st sweep of Patriots since ’99 with 38-9 赢得

Stocks jump to records as Trump signs off on coronavirus aid
Elon Musk flies to Hawaii to meet with Oracle’s Larry Ellison
Coronavirus vaccine slow to reach rural America, even the elderly
Hampton Bay ceiling fans 已售出 at Home Depot recalled
FAA 带来 commercial drone deliveries one step closer with new rules
Alton Brown’s alma mater, the New England Culinary Institute, closing due to coronavirus

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和邦吉诺 told views of “汉尼提” Monday night that while liberal governors are locking down their states, states like Florida are welcoming visitors and promotingfreedoms.

This month, millions of Americas traveled to Florida in search of warm weather, beautiful beaches and, most importantly – freedoms,” Bongino said. “与此同时, liberal governors in other states are increasing lockdown measures and destroy small businesses in an idiotic attempt to battle the pandemic. They call it ‘following the science.’” 例如, 他加了, 密西根州政府. Gretchen Whitmer’s home state is in lockdown and home to one of the highest Covid death rates in the nation.

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