House subcommittee attacking Trump admin's COVID response 'acting like' 'political vigilantes': Dr. Giroir

DR. GIROIR: But this subcommittee under Chairman Clyburn and the House Democrats are really acting like nothing more than political vigilantes. They’re not looking for the truth. They are trying to blame the Trump administration, and I think they’re trying to blame the Trump administration for their abject failures. Remember, President Biden promised – he swore – that he would wipe out the virus, shut down the virus. Yet 560,000 Americans have died under his watch. This is just a charade. It’s political theater, and it’s done in secret. I think Americans would be shocked to know that this is not publicly available. The media are not invited. This allows Chairman Clyburn and the Democrats to cherry-pick little phrases and use them against other people. This is more like a military tribunal in secret. It’s not what we should have in America. 

The accusations in the letter … – number one, they’re completely false, and number two, they evidence a complete lack of knowledge – maybe an intentional lack of knowledge – about the situation that was there. We had tough choices that were made. But I can tell you, and I’m going to show and demonstrate to you and to them that that guidance was fully signed off by people like Tony Fauci. It was a consensus document that was ultimately independently issued by the CDC. Just about everything they say in that letter is a falsehood. 


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