Houston city councilman goes after judges for letting criminals out of jail: 'I won't sit silent'

“上手, because I was a bondsman, and now I’m an elected official, this gives me a unique perspective of what’s going on. I get to see it and I understand it. What’s going on is the judges aren’t taking into consideration the violent criminal history of these offenders, and they are releasing them back into the community on an extremely low bond or a taxpayer-funded free bond without any supervision,” Houston City Council member Michael Kubosh told狐 & 友達.”

ガールフレンドを撃ったとされるテキサスティーン 22 TIMES RELEASED ON BOND: COURT DOCUMENTS

Frank  Deleon, Diamond Alvarez

Frank Deleon, Diamond Alvarez (Houston Police Department | 狐 26)

A テキサス teen who was arrested and charged in the 殺人 of his 16-year-old girlfriend was released from jail last week after posting his $ 250,000 つなぐ, according to court documents obtained by Fox News.

フランク・デレオン, 17, was arrested Monday in the murder of Diamond Alvarez who was shot 22 times last week after she learned of her boyfriend’s affair, ヒューストン 警察は言った. Prosecutors said that Deleon appeared to be planning to leave for an extended time and had a suitcase packed at the time of his arrest.


Houston saw a sharp spike in violent 犯罪 その間 2021, enduring a nearly 20% spike in 殺人.

Criminal suspects released on multiple felony bonds in テキサスmost populous county have 殺された 156 people since 2018, according to victim advocates, who have criticized bail reform efforts that have seen some people charged with violent crimes and released back onto the streets only to re-offend.


Kubosh said that since he took an oath to office, he has a duty to protect and defend the citizens of his city and county.

This all happened while I have been on council the last eight years. And I’m not going to sit silent. It’s easy to just sit and do nothing,” Kubosh said.

But I have got courage, I’m going to stand up to these people. And I’m going to call them out. なぜ? Because our people are dying on the streets. And they are letting these criminals back out.

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