Houston Methodist Hospital sued by nurses over vaccine mandate for employment

Jennifer Bridges, one of the HMH nurses included in the suit, told “Fox News Primetime” on Wednesday that she and the others are fighting for basic rights of workers, who her attorney Jared Woodfill V said would otherwise be unemployed and potentially “face bankruptcy court”; unable to earn a living.

“This is very important. We’re basically fighting for everybody’s rights right now just to make our own decisions. Nobody should be forced to put something in their body if they are not comfortable with it — and lose their jobs over it,” said Bridges, noting that the vaccines are indeed under only EUA and not formally an approved medication.

Bridges said that until the vaccine serums came about, people were able to use “informed consent” and make their own medical decisions, unencumbered by the private sector.

“Nobody is telling these people the exact risks that are involved and there is no long-term data right now,” she said.

“Basically just being in the hospital I have seen so many adverse reactions through patients and employees who have been fully vaccinated and it is too risky, way too risky and everyone needs to know the risks before they injected into their body so they can make a good, informed decisions.”

Woodfill later added that the vaccine mandate is the first time in U.S. history that employers are forcing workers to decide between participating in a mass-scale pharmaceutical trial and retaining their job and salary.

“They are saying you are going to have to have an experimental drug injected into your body, a drug that we don’t know what the long-term side effects will be or what it will look like and that is a condition of employment,” he said.

“Essentially, they are saying to these employees, people like Jennifer who are on the front line every day, if you don’t serve as a human Guinea pig we are not going to be able to pay you.”

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