Houston police officer killed in apartment complex shooting

A Texas police officer was shot and killed and another was injured Tuesday at an apartment complex, 당국은 말했다.

상사. Harold Preston, 65, and another two officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call at south Houston apartment building, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said in a news conference.
It’s a big loss,” Acevedo told reporters. “A lot of tears are being shed.
A woman called police Tuesday morning because she was moving out of an apartment and wanted to retrieve some items. She told police that she couldn’t get in because her estranged significant other wouldn’t let her in, Acevedo said.
    Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo at the south Houston apartment complex where two officers were shot  Tuesday.

    The officers stayed in the parking lot, speaking with the woman for about an hour until the suspect’s 14-year-old son, who was outside with them, unlocked the door and opened it, Acevedo said.
    The police chief said the teenager then saw that his father had a firearm and told the officers.
    얼마 후, the suspect fired multiple rounds, striking Preston multiple times, leaving another officer and the teenager wounded, Acevedo said.
    The three of them were taken to local hospitals. Preston, who had been with the police department for 41 연령, was surrounded by his family in the hospital when he died of his injuries, Acevedo said.
      The suspect surrendered to authorities later on Tuesday morning after a SWAT team and K-9 units arrived to the apartment complex, Acevedo said.
      He had a gunshot wound to his abdomen and was taken to the hospital, 경찰은 말했다. He’s expected to face a murder charge, Acevedo said.

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