Houston-polisie red minstens 30 mense in vermeende mensesmokkelary

Die polisie in Houston sê dat hulle ongeveer gered het 30 mense in 'n huis in Houston nadat hulle gereageer het op 'n berig van 'n man wat in sy onderklere straat af hardloop.

Police held three people in what they called a human smuggling operation.
When officers arrived Thursday night they found the man, who told them he had been held against his will with nearly 30 others in a nearby home, said Commander J.A. Halliday of the Houston Police Department.
Police watched as another man began to back a vehicle out of the garage then quickly pulled back in and ran inside, said Halliday. Officers entered after they heard a loud noise and suspected some of the people in the house might be in danger.
    Police found at least 30 people from various countries such as Mexico, Kuba, Honduras, and El Salvador in their undergarments, being held inside the house, the spokesman said. Daar was 29 adult males and a female whose age could not immediately be determined. Halliday said several of the people told officers they had been there between two days and a week after they were picked up in Brownsville and brought to Houston.
    Officials at a nearby school opened the gymnasium for the group so they would not have to wait in the cold, Houston police said in a social media post. They were given food and clothes, and the fire department checked them out and did not find any serious injuries, Halliday said.
      We detained three people that we believe might be possible suspects that were holding them against their will, but that’s still being determined,” said Halliday.
      The Department of Homeland Security and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement are investigating.




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