How Anthony Fauci beat Donald Trump in 2020

People are tired of Covid. People are saying, ‘Whatever, just leave us alone.People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots,” President Donald Trump said on a campaign call in October 2020. “He’s been here for, me gusta, 500 años. He’s like this wonderful sage telling us how — Fauci, if we listened to him, we’d have 700,000 [o] 800,000 deaths.

Those comments were indicative of Trump’s broader message to the public last fall when it came to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic: Who are you going to believeme or Anthony Fauci?
(Fauci, in case you have been living on another planet for the last few years, is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.)
That was a fight Trump should not have picked, according to a detailed polling analysis by Tony Fabrizio, the lead pollster for the ex-President’s reelection campaign. (los document was obtained and posted, in full, by Politico.)
    De hecho, it may well have cost Trump the election.
    What Fabrizio did is provide a detailed breakdown of the electorate in 10 states based on averages of publicly available exit poll and survey data. The fiveflippedstates where Trump won in 2016 but lost in 2020 (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) and the five “retenida” states that were closely fought but Trump won in 2016 y 2020 (Florida, Iowa, Carolina del Norte, Ohio and Texas.)
    And here’s what he concluded about Trump, Fauci and the virus:
    POTUS’s overall job approval was mixed with a majority of voters in the ‘Flippedstates disapproving while voters in the ‘Heldstates were split down the middle. sin embargo, POTUS earned negative marks on handling of Coronavirus (CV) in both groups, particularly in flipped states.
    Conversely, Fauci garnered nearly a 3 a 1 positive job approval on handling of CV overall with Fauci detractors voting overwhelmingly for POTUS while Fauci supporters voted for Biden by wide margins, especially in ‘Flipped’ estados.
    Then there’s this, again from Fabrizio:
    “Coronavirus (CV) was the top issue in both state groupsmore so in ‘Flipped’ estados — and Biden carried those voters nearly 3 a 1. The economy ranked second and POTUS crushed Biden with those voters by a 6 a 1 or better margin.
    Asi que, in sum:
    * Voters in all 10 states overwhelmingly approved of how Fauci was doing his job while they view Trump’s handling of the virus far more negativelyespecially in the five states that Joe Biden flipped (and were the foundation of his 306 Electoral College-vote victory).
    * Coronavirus was la dominant issue in all 10 states studied, y, in the five Biden flipped, the former vice president crushed Trump among voters who named the Covid-19 fight as the top issue in the election.
    (Remember that in la 2020 national exit polls, a majority of voters — 52% — said containing the coronavirus was more important than rebuilding the economyand those voters chose Biden over Trump by 60 points.)
      While any number of factors are involved in how voters make up their minds on which candidate to support, it seems relatively clear from this set of data points that in the states where the election was won (and lost) that Trump’s decision to a) attack Fauci and b) force voters to choose between Fauci’s view of the virus and his view doomed him.
      Trump has always touted his ability to pick the right fights at the right time for his own survival. But in the case of Fauci and the 2020 elección, he picked on the wrong guy at the wrong time.




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