How events unfolded after the killing of cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, the woman suspected of fatally shooting 25-year-old elite cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson in Texas in May, sold her Jeep to an Austin dealership, the US Marshals Service said Thursday.

Anna Moriah "Mo&kwotasie; Wilson.

Investigators from the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force learned that Armstrong sold her black Jeep Grand Cherokee to a CarMax dealership for $ 12,000 op Mei 13, the day after Austin authorities questioned her, a Marshalsstatement said. She boarded the flight out of Austin the next day.
      Armstrong, 34, is a real estate agent and yoga teacher based in an Austin, Texas, and now a fugitive. She is wanted for the May 11 shooting of Wilson, who had previously dated Armstrong’s boyfriend — 35-year-old professional cyclist Colin Stricklandin what investigators believe may have been a violent act of romantic jealousy.

        Here is what we know about the case:

          Aan Mei 11, the day of the killing, Wilson told her friend she was going for an afternoon swim with Strickland, days before the Gravel Locos race in Hico, where she was staying with a friend, according to an arrest affidavit filed in Travis County District Court.
          Strickland told investigators after they swam, he and Wilson got dinner, and he then dropped her off at her friend’s home. He said he did not go inside, the affidavit shows. Austin Police responded to the home later that evening, kort tevore 10 nm. CT, and found Wilson with multiple gunshot wounds. Sy is op die toneel dood verklaar.
          Aan Mei 12, the Travis County Medical Examiner’s autopsy of Wilson’s body determined the official cause of death to be multiple gunshot wounds, and the manner of death was a homicide. Binne 24 hours of Wilson’s death, officers from the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force apprehended Armstrong in connection with an unrelated arrest warrant and spoke to her.
          Egter, Austin Police said they then learned Armstrong’s arrest warrant was not valid and told her she was free to leave.
          Aan Mei 13, Armstrong sold her black Jeep Grand Cherokee to a CarMax dealership in south Austin for $ 12,200. She was given a check by the dealership a day after being questioned by Austin authorities, according to the US Marshals’ Kantoor.
          Kaitlin Marie Armstrong traveled to New York on May 14.

          Aan Mei 14, Armstrong was at Austin International Bergstrom Airport early in the afternoon. Daar, she boarded a flight to Houston Hobby Airport, where she took a connecting flight to LaGuardia Airport in New York. The Austin Police Department in 'n nuusverklaring gesê that the shooting did not appear to bea random act.
          Aan Mei 17, police issued a homicide warrant for Armstrong. The affidavit for her arrest points in part to video surveillance obtained by investigators that shows a vehicle similar to hers near the home shortly before Wilson’s body was found.
          Armstrong was seen on Mei 18 at Newark Liberty International Airport, according to the US Marshals. Egter, no reservations were made under her name, the Marshals said, citing a search of outbound flights at the airport.
          A Mei 19 arrest affidavit filed by police in Travis County District Court reveals that Strickland admitted to trying to hide his communications with Wilson from Armstrong by changing Wilson’s name on his phone and deleting texts. The affidavit cites a tipster who alleged Armstrong came to believe Strickland and Wilson’s romantic relationship was ongoing as of January 2022.
          Armstrong had contacted Wilson several times and in one instance told her tostay awayfrom Strickland, one of Wilson’s friends told investigators, volgens die beëdigde verklaring.
            Aan Mei 25, authorities obtained a separate, federal warrant for Armstrong forunlawful flight to avoid prosecution,” the US Marshals said, upgrading the search for Armstrong tomajor case status.That same day, Strickland is quoted by the Austin American-Statesman as saying that he had abrief romantic relationshipwith Wilson from late October to early November 2021, while he was separated from Armstrong.
            Strickland and Armstrong reconciled and resumed their relationship about a month later, he told the paper. His relationship with Wilson then becameplatonic and professionaland he considered her aclose friend,” hy het gesê.

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