How Kristin Chenoweth is connected to the Girl Scout murders

Kristin Chenoweth believes getting sick may have saved her life when she was a child.

In the trailer for the docuseries “재의 수호자: 오클라호마 걸스카우트 살인사건,” the Tony-winning actress has revealed that she was scheduled to be on a camping trip during which three of her Girl Scout friends were sexually assaulted and murdered in 1977.
“절대 하지 말았으면 하는 이야기입니다,” Chenoweth says in the trailer. “It haunts me every day.
    Chenoweth returned to her home state to participate in reexamining the murders of Lori Lee Farmer, 8, 미셸 헤더 구스, 9, 그리고 도리스 데니스 밀너, 10, at Camp Scott near Locust Grove, 오클라호마.
      In the trailer, the actress explains how much she loved going to camp as a Girl Scout and how she saw the troop members as hersisters.
        I never once thought anything bad could happen,” 그녀는 말한다. “But I came to learn what murder was.
        Police arrested a local man, Gene Leroy Hart, and charged him with the crimes.
          According to an article from the St. Petersburg Times, Hart was acquitted of the charges, but was was returned to prison to continue serving sentences for rape, kidnapping and burglary stemming from other prior convictions.
          The docuseries will include an investigation of DNA collected from the crime scene in an attempt to definitively determine the identity of the murderer.
            There’s no closure,” Chenoweth says. “There’s no pretty red bow at the end.
            “재의 수호자: 오클라호마 걸스카우트 살인사건” premieres May 24 훌루에서.

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