How Ron DeSantis became the hottest name in the 2024 gara

Over the weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference’s annual gathering, un 2024 straw poll was conducted. Two actuallyone with former President Donald Trump included and one without the 45th president.

Trump won the first straw poll. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis won the second, Trump-less one. (DeSantis took 21% in the straw poll with Trump, the only candidate other than the former president to gain double digit support.)
sì, CPAC was held in Orlando, Florida — meaning that it was something of a home game for DeSantis. E, sì, il 2024 election is 1,342 giorni di distanza (but who’s counting!).
    But what the CPAC results confirmed is that, at the moment, DeSantis is the leading figure in the post-Trump Republican firmament. If the base of the party has a leader other than Trump, it’s the Florida governor.
      How did DeSantis rise to this vaunted status? Bene, strict fealty to the former president for one. DeSantis owes his current stature almost entirely to Trump who plucked him from near-obscurity in late 2017 — endorsing the then-congressman’s Republican primary bid for governor. DeSantis, who had been running well behind state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to that point, suddenly became the heavy favoriteand won easily.

        DeSantis has spent his first few years in office repaying that loyalty. The most glaring example is DeSantishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Florida was one of the last states to issue a stay-at-home order last spring, a fact that DeSantis directly attributed to Trump’s attitude about the danger of the virus. Explaining in early April 2020 what changed his mind about the severity of the virus, DeSantis said this: “When you see the President up there and his demeanor the last couple of days, that’s not necessarily how he always is.
          Durante l'ultimo anno, DeSantis has pushed for schools in the state to reopen quicker than most other states, which led to a teachers union in the state suing him. He has been skeptical of the efficacy of mask wearing. And he has feudedtime and time againwith both the state and national media, accusing them of bias in their coverage of his administration’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. (Despite its large populationand the number of seniors living in the stateFlorida ranks 29th in cases per 100,000 residents and 26th in deaths per 100,000 residenti, secondo i dati della Johns Hopkins University.)
          That sort of portfolioCovid-19 skepticism and an active dislike of the mediais the love language of Republican base voters. And DeSantis quite clearly knows how to speak it.
          Donors are beginning to wake up to DeSantis’ 2024 potenziale, pure. In February alone, the governor raked in $ 2.7 milioni, according to the Tampa Bay Timeshis best fundraising month since he became governor back in 2019.
            Prima di 2024 talk gets too out of hand, it’s worth remembering that DeSantis is up for reelection next November and a number of Democratsled by state Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Friedare considering the race. While Florida is closely divided between the two parties, Trump’s back-to-back wins there in 2016 e 2020 suggest DeSantis would start the general election against any Democratic opponent with an edge.
            Should he win that contest, DeSantis seems very likely to turn his attention to the 2024 gara. E, at the moment, he is in a surprisingly strong position in the early presidential jockeying.




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