Howard Dean Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of former Vermont Governor Howard Dean.


Geboortedatum: November 17, 1948
Geboorteplek: New York, New York
    Geboorte naam: Howard Brush Dean III
    Vader: Howard Brush Dean Jr, a stockbroker
    Ma: Andrea (Maitland) Dekaan
    Huwelik: Dr. Judith (Judy) Steinberg (1981-aanwesig is)
    Kinders: Anne and Paul
    Onderwys: Yale Universiteit, BA., 1971; Albert Einstein College of Medicine, M.D., 1978
    Religion: Protestant

    Ander feite

    Dean used this opening line in most of his campaign speeches: “I’m Howard Dean, and I’m here to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.
    In 1974, his younger brother, Charles “Charlie” Dekaan, was executed in Laos by Communists who accused him of being an American spy.
    Op November 19, 2003, die Pentagon announced that remains believed to be those of Charles Dean were recovered in Southeast Asia.


    1978-1982 – Serves as an intern and resident in internal medicine at the Medical Center Hospital in Vermont.
    1983-1986 – Serves in the Vermont House of Representatives.
    1985 – Is elected assistant minority leader in the Vermont House of Representatives.
    1986 – Is elected lieutenant governor of Vermont. Reelected in 1988 en 1990.
    Augustus 14, 1991 – Becomes governor after Governor Richard Snelling dies of a heart attack.
    1992 – Is elected to a full term as governor. Reelected in 1994, 1996, 1998, en 2000.
    1994-1995 – Dean is selected to lead the National Governors’ Vereniging.
    1997 – Serves as chair of the Democratic Governors’ Vereniging.
    Junie 23, 2003 – Formally announces his candidacy for president of the United States.
    Augustus 2003 – Dean appears on the covers of both Tyd and Newsweek.
    November 8, 2003 – Chooses to opt out of public campaign financing, a historic decision that allows him to raise unlimited money for his campaign.
    Desember 2003 – Publishes his book, “Winning Back America.
    Desember 9, 2003 – Voormalige Vice President Al Gore endorses Dean.
    Januarie 2004 – Publishes his book, “You Have the Power: How to Take Back Our Country and Restore Democracy in America,” with Judith Warner.
    Januarie 9, 2004 – Iowa Senator Tom Harkin endorses Dean.
    Januarie 19, 2004 – Dean comes in third after John Kerry en John Edwards in the Iowa caucuses. In trying to show enthusiasm at his campaign headquarters, he lets out an unusual yelp that some observers think is rather strange.
    Januarie 21, 2004 – Former Senator John Durkin drops his endorsement of Dean.
    Januarie 27, 2004 – Dean comes in second in the New Hampshire primaries with 26% van die stemming.
    Februarie 7, 2004 – The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) trade union withdraws its endorsement of Dean. He comes in second in the Michigan caucuses.
    Maart 2004 – After dropping out of the presidential race, Dean changes the name of his PAC fromFund for a Healthy America,” aan “Democracy for Americato assist other Democratic candidates.
    Maart 25, 2004 – Endorses John Kerry for president.
    Januarie 11, 2005 – Announces that he will run for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee.
    Februarie 12, 2005 – Elected head of the Democratic National Committee.
    Januarie 21, 2009 – Steps down as head of the Democratic National Committee.
    Maart 2009 – Deans joins law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP as a senior strategic adviser and independent consultant.
    Julie 2009 – Publishes his book, “Howard Dean’s Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform,” with Igor Volsky and Faiz Shakir.
      September 1, 2015 – Dean publishes an op-ed piece in the Washington Post endorsing Hillary Clinton vir president, stating that he wants her compassion and leadership in the Oval Office.
      September 26, 2016 – Op Twitter, Dean questions as Donald Trump s’n sniffing during a presidensiële debat is due to cocaine use. Dae later, Dean apologizes vir “using innuendo.




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