Howie Mandel은 강박 장애와 불안감에 대해 이야기합니다., 코미디가 대처하는 데 도움이된다고

그만큼 “America 's Got Talent” 판사, 65, 강박 장애에 대해 공개적으로 발표했습니다. (OCD) 과거에. 조건은 방해가되는 것으로 표시됩니다., unwanted thoughts that can manifest as phobias and lead to repetitive behavior or compulsions as well as anxiety, 에 따르면 메이요 클리닉.

말하기 사람들 in a recent interview, Mandel explained that, although he’s been open about his condition, he’s never fully revealed how low he can get when his condition impacts him. 특히, he tends to worry about his wife, 테리 직물, and their kids, son Alex, 31, and daughters Riley, 28, and Jackie, 36.

In normal times, he would simply focus on the fact that his family was fine. 하나, in the midst of the 코로나 바이러스 감염병 세계적 유행 작년, the star says his OCD was kicked into overdrive.


Howie Mandel opened up about living with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Howie Mandel opened up about living with obsessive-compulsive disorder. (Mike Windle/Getty Images)

There isn’t a waking moment of my life when ‘we could diedoesn’t come into my psyche,” he told the outlet. “But the solace I would get would be the fact that everybody around me was okay. It’s good to latch onto okay. 그러나 [대유행 동안] the whole world was not okay. And it was absolute hell.

Mandel explained that one of the biggest things he’s learned about himself is that finding laughter in his dark moments is perhaps the single best thing he can do for himself.


My coping skill is finding the funny,” he revealed. “If I’m not laughing, then I’m crying. And I still haven’t been that open about how dark and ugly it really gets.

He went on to note that finding his place in the comedy community saved his life in many ways. His thoughts on the matter echo those he’s made in the past.

엔터테인먼트 뉴스 레터를 구독하려면 여기를 클릭하세요.

In an article for ADDitude Magazine 에 2018, Mandel explained that he’s managed to find the right projects, 같은 “Deal or No Dealthat allow him to work without triggering his symptoms.

Doing a scripted television series is tough, because my disorders make it difficult to write or read a script. I can do it — I was in St. Elsewhere back when — but it’s challenging,” 그가 설명했다.

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