Huckabee blasts 'embarrassing and disgusting' NYC private school's explicit sex-ed for 1st graders

First graders at the Dalton School, a $ 55,000-per-year private institution in Upper Manhattan’s posh Yorkville neighborhood, reportedly showed six-year-olds a video in which cartoon children and their instructor engaged in a Q&A about various sexual organs and solo sex acts.

En un punto, the instructor tells the children to refer to their private parts by their scientific names rather than nicknames used in public discourse, before the young boy in the video asks the instructor why he sometimes feels like pleasuring himself.

Anfitrión Sean Hannity told Huckabee the leader of the effort tosexualizechildren in this way is Justine Ang-Fonte, a health educator who on her website calls social justice a human right and referred to her hometowns based on the Native American tribes that used to reside there. Hannity added he reached out for comment but never received a response from Ang-Fonte.

It would be bad enough if it was in public schoolbut the fact that people are paying $ 55,000 a year for their kids to be subjected to this stuff?” lamented Huckabee.

“En primer lugar, pull your kids. en segundo lugar, yank the money out of this school. And third, don’t put up with it.

Huckabee called upon his history as a Baptist minister, telling Hannity that St. Paul the Apostle had choice words for people and institutions that do these things.

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,” he quoted.

You have people pretending to know something, pretending to be intellectual. This is not intellectualism. This is a fool’s errand and it’s embarrassing and disgusting.

Echoing Huckabee’s remarks, former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany called Dalton School’s curriculumtotally inappropriate.

She said that she and her husband, former Baltimore Orioles pitcher Sean Gilmartin, try their best to screen and guard anything their 1-year-old child watches.

We have to screen the cartoons these days because we don’t know what Hollywood is putting together. Never in a million years would you think you would need to screen your private school for a video like this as the governor points out, you’re paying $ 55,000 un año,” ella dijo. “This is totally inappropriate but it’s part of the trend.

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