Huckabee: China is doing a ‘big happy dance’ over Biden climate agenda

Huckabee: China is doing a 'big happy dance' over Biden climate agenda

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told “The Story” on Wednesday that President Biden‘s $ 2 trillion clean energy infrastructure plan will hurt U.S. jobs and “embolden” foreign adversaries.

Biden signed executive orders on climate change earlier Wednesday, vowing to put the issue “at the center” of U.S. national security and domestic and foreign policy. The executive action follows his decision to shut down construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which was expected to sustain about 11,000 U.S. jobs in 2021 – including 8,000 union jobs – and generate $ 1.6 billion in gross wages.


MIKE HUCKABEE: There’s a lot of people that are losing their jobs because of these energy policies of the Biden administration. And I’d love to point out to John Kerry [that] under President Trump — and he may find this hard to believe, he ought to pick up the newspaper every now and then and find out – under President Trump, we actually did better [at] taking care of the U.S. environment than we did and would have under the Paris Climate Accords. 

What we’re not addressing are the two biggest polluters on the planet, China and India. We’re surrendering our sovereignty when it comes to conservation policy to the globalists and it’s not really affecting the polluters. I’ll tell you who is proud of it, Russia is excited. They’ll able to sell more of their energy and get back in the market after taking a beating since we became energy independent.

But, the big, big happy dance is being done by the Chinese, because we’ve just given them a stick to go ahead and pollute the world and no consequences … this doesn’t protect us. This only emboldens our opponents and enemies.

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