Huge WWII Tallboy bomb explodes in canal in Poland

A huge bomb dropped by Britain during World War II has exploded after being discovered in a canal in Poland.

The Tallboy, also known as an “지진” bomb, weighed 12,000 pounds when it was dropped by the Royal Air Force during the final months of the war.
The bomb is the biggest ever found in Poland and is believed to have been used in a raid on the German ship Lützow.
The Polish navy attempted to defuse it Tuesday by deflagration, a method that involves heating an explosive until it burns, rather than detonating it, a spokesperson for the Polish Ministry of Defense told CNN.
    But the bomb exploded in the canal near the port city of Swinoujscie, sending up a huge plume of water.
    The operation to remove the bomb began on Monday, when the navy began moving residents and sent divers to assess it, the AFP news agency reported. 주위에 750 residents were evacuated from the area.
    The ministry spokesperson told CNN that no injuries or damages were reported, 첨가: “Every step of operation was under control.
      Nazi-occupied Poland suffered repeated bombing from Allied planes throughout World War II, leaving many cities devastated.
      The RAF sent several Lancaster bombers from its so-calledDambusterssquadron to drop 12 Tallboys on the Lützow in April 1945, but one failed to detonate.

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