Hunter Biden could face federal probe for allegedly illegally buying firearm if GOP's demands come true

“Le escribo para pedirle que se comprometa públicamente a investigar las acusaciones de que Hunter Biden falsificó información durante una verificación de antecedentes para obtener ilegalmente un arma de fuego en caso de que lo confirme EE. UU.. Senate as the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabaco, Armas de fuego y explosivos (ATF),” Reps. Bob Good (R-VA) wrote in a letter to Biden’s nominee for ATF Director.

La carta, which was obtained by the Daily Caller, was signed by 23 other House Republicanos.


The letter is in reference to Hunter Biden claiming in 2018 that he had never used illegal substances when he had been discharged from the military for his past drug use just five years prior, according to Politico.

Since lying on a background check form is a felony,” the letter states, “this allegation merits an investigation.

Allegations of this crime are no less serious when leveled at Hunter Biden,” it adds.

The Republican lawmakers then urged Biden’s ATF director nominee to investigate the matter, should he be confirmed.

"…hold all Americans to the same standard…’

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