Hunter Biden's laptop shop former owner details 'collateral damage' of alleged smear campaign against him

MAC ISAAC: I’m taking them to court. … The collusion that took place … in mid-October of 2020 just astonished me when it happened. And … I couldn’t believe it. It was just a unilateral decision to all call this “러시아의 잘못된 정보” without even deciding if there was going to be any collateral damage, which there was.

처음에는, people just assumed that I was a hacker or a thief, mainly because of Twitter labeling the material from the laptop being hacked and then banning the subject matter completely. But after 51 intelligence pillars of the intelligence community decided to call me a Russian disinformation campaign – and Adam Schiff went on CNN to follow that up, to express those concerns with the rest of the nation – t was pretty much from that point on, I was labeled a stooge of Putin, and Putin thanks me for his service.

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