Hunter Biden's new $  2 million Libya bombshell more proof 'media lied to the public': 格伦·格林瓦尔德

格林沃尔德, 谁帮助打破了 Edward Snowden-NSA 的故事,现在在 Substack 上写作, 告诉 “塔克·卡尔森今晚that this report on Hunter’s nefarious alleged business dealings add to “压倒性的证据” that the emails found on the 51-year-old Wilmington native’s laptop are authentic.

内幕报道 is based on emails that were not on that particular hard drive – the one that a now-former Wilmington repairman gave to the 联邦调查局 和前纽约市市长鲁道夫朱利安尼.

周四早些时候, 业内人士 发布的信息 from two unrelated emails – one from January 28, 2015, 从民主党捐助者 Sam Jauhari 到 Sheikh Mohammed al-Rahbani, 奥巴马捐助者.

“我遇到的每个电话交谈 #2 儿子, 他要 $ 2 每年的家臣……他的父亲正在决定是否跑步,” 乔哈里写道.

他描述了亨特的 “积极的” 作为联合国世界粮食计划署的主席和商业伙伴 “紧急求救. Forbes K.’s son”. 福布斯是约翰克里的中间名, 和猎人 与克里斯托弗·海因茨有关, the Massachusetts senator’s stepson-through-marriage to ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

“证据从一开始就是压倒性的, 塔克, 电子邮件是真实的,” 格林沃尔德告诉主持人塔克卡尔森.

And yet they lied and lied as you just showed trying to convince people to not even pay attention to them on the grounds that they were disinformation, that the e-mails were fake,” 他说, following Carlson’s montage of mainstream media figures condemning Trump and calling into question the veracity of the original New York Post report on the controversial laptop.

Greenwald added that Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger meticulously dug through the laptop’s emails and found proof they were authentic – via which Schreckinger composed a forthcoming book.

“[这个] meant that the media outlets, 他们全部, pretty much, with a few exceptions, deliberately lied to the public in the weeks before the election by telling them this was Russian disinformation when they knew it wasn’t true. “

Greenwald said the media continues their obfuscation by largelyignoringSchreckinger despite the fact his employer, 政治, is considered one of the mainstream outlets.

Carlson added that, in terms of the Libya emails, the implication isvery serious.

Hillary Clinton had Muammar Qaddafi, the head of Libya, killed for reasons nobody ever explained… and then money from the [Tripoli] treasury was impounded.

If Hunter Biden was actually lobbying the U.S. government while his dad was vice president to get that money, that’s a very big deal. It’s probably a crime,” 他说.