Herir: It's going to be pretty scary between now and midterms in November

CHARLIE HURT: There’s a lot of evidence that they’re actually having to pay people to go out there to protest. Not that this isn’t an important issue, pero yo creo eso, sabes, la mayoría de los estadounidenses, wherever you come down on the issue of abortion, you believe that actually putting these questions in the hands of the electorate of the American people to pick their representatives to make laws. That’s actually an eminently sensible way of dealing with an issue that has divided this country for 50 años. Exactly because, as you point out every night, the justices ripped the decision away from the American people and put it in the hands of nine unelected, robed justices. Pero, sabes, we’re entering a very kind of a scary time right now because there’s nothing more dangerous than desperate politicians who have enjoyed power and have enjoyed complete power in Washington for a year now, for two years now, as they watch this unfold and they watch the disasters that they have created, and even they realize that they’re at fault and that the American people are going to blame them for it in the election. It’s going to be pretty scary between now and November, creo.





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