Ice T and Coco criticized for having their 6-year-old in a stroller

Ice T and Coco’s parenting decisions are theirs to make, but that isn’t stopping people from weighing in online.

In one of the photos, 彼女 6-1歳の娘, シャネル is sitting in a stroller, looking a little bored.
    She’s smiling in the next photo, showing her posing with her mother in front of what appears to be a sculpture that resembles ice shards.
      A stroll through the @atlantisbahamas shops…,” キャプションは読む. “Chanel is so over it unless theres something cool to see.. Her face transitions instantly.
        People jumped in the comments to express their feelings.
        I know she may be your last baby but you have to let her grow up,” one person wrote. “If anything a wagon is more her age! 私は持っています 6 year old smaller than her and she hasn’t been in a stroller in years.
          It’s not the first time the couple has been criticized for their parenting choices.
            昨年, Coco defended her choice to continue to breast feed their then 5-year-old.
            Chanel still likes my boobs,” Coco told Us Weekly at the time. It’s a big bonding moment for a mother and your child.




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