Identity politics, critical race theory ‘destroying our society’: J.D. Vance

Diversity training influenced by the critical race theory practiced by authors like Robin DiAngelo isdestroying our society,” author J.D. Vance 告诉 “塔克·卡尔森今晚” 星期一.

One of the great things that’s happened to me, I think the greatest thing in my life, is that I married a woman who wasn’t the same skin color as me,” 的 “乡巴佬的悲歌” author told host Tucker Carlson. “I was able to do that because I grew up in a country that taught us not to think about each other as members of a racial group. We were taught to think about each other as people.

Vance was responding to a training course led by DiAngelo offered by LinkedIn Learning that featured slides exhorting employees totry to be less white [原文如此]”.

To be less white [原文如此],” another slide in the training explains, “is to be less oppressiveless arrogantless certainless defensiveless ignorant … [和] more humble”.


What these people are doing by constantly forcing us to focus on the color of our skin, is they’re destroying an essential part of American heritage …,” said Vance. “They’re doing it, 我认为, for cynical reasons, 但最终, they’re going to destroy something that’s critical and important and good about this country and we should fight back against it.

Newsweek reported late Monday that the course led by DiAngelo had been removed from LinkedIn’s training library.

If you look behind identity politics, it’s almost always about power,” Vance said. “What happens to you if you don’t participate in these woke trainings? What happens to you if you don’t echo the party line? 好, two things happen to you. 首先, you’re more precarious at your job. It’s easier to fire you if you don’t go along with the woke HR department.

The second thing that happens is you’re deprived of your core freedom of speech,” 他加了. “So the two things that are core fundamental values and rights in this countrythe right to provide for your family [和] the right to participate in the self-government of this countryare both taken away from you if you don’t toe the party line.