If Biden isn't careful, his policies could destroy an entire economy: 윈섬 시어스

윈섬 시어스: When you had governors deciding that certain businesses were essential and others weren’t, mostly mom-and-pops suffered. 그동안, the big box stores stayed open. Then you [부모님] have to stay home with your child because the governors closed the schools, yet it’s interesting to me that private schools were able to figure out very quickly how to keep open while 코로나 was raging. So the public schools were closed, but the private schools were open, and people had to stay home with the children, and so there we go. Businesses suffered. 알 잖아, policy is a darn thing, and if you are not careful, you can destroy a whole economy. 그런데, suddenly they [Biden 관리] figured out inflation does exist. It’s not in our minds. Gas has gone up. 감사합니다. You closed the pipeline your first day in office, 바이든 대통령. And the food has gone up. We are paying more. You wonder, what are they not getting?


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