Illinois gymnast shows off Covid-19 vaccination card after sticking the landing

A member of the University of Illinois Men’s Gymnastics team celebrated his vault landing by showing off his Covid-19 vaccination card.

After Evan Manivong stuck his landing during the team’s meet against Minnesota on March 22, he did something unusual that caught the eye of spectators.
2학년 — who tied his career high after receiving a 14.750 — reached inside his uniform and pulled out a card.
      처음에, no one could identify what he was holding up.
        Not sure what that is…” an announcer commented after the pass.
          The official Twitter account for the team also didn’t know what it was.
          “.@evanmanivong ties his career-high with a 14.750! We’re not sure what was on that card either…” a tweet from the account read.
          In response to the tweet, Manivong set the record straight.
            It’s my vaccination cardgo get vaccinated everyone!” 그 썼다.
            The video resurfaced on Monday after a tweet sharing the moment 입소문, garnering over 6,000 retweets and over 34,000 좋아요.

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