Illinois school investigating viral video of teacher berating student for wearing mask wrong

In the clip posted on social media, a caption over the video reads, “My friend had his mask under his nose, and this Karen went crazy, got up in his face and cuzed (sic) at him.

The footage shows the student asking, “Are you playing?” to a purported teacher at Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, Illinois who says, “Geen, I’m not! Andersins, I will call the police. Ek is ernstig!” The teacher added, voice cracking, that he hashad enough of it.

The teacher continues to reiterate how serious he is in the video, telling the student, “I knew you were going to take off your mask the moment I turned the corner.He then threatened the student with in-school suspension before telling the teen it wasbecause you’re a piece of sh**.


In response to the video circulating online, Glenbard North principal John Mensik sent out a notice to parents saying that the incident was being investigated and assuring them that it would be handledin an appropriate manner.

Mensik also reminded parents that Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, D, issued the mask mandaat for schools in the state and that it must be enforced. The principal went on to note that ahead of the school year, the Illinois superintendent of schools sent a letter to each district threatening schools that did not enforce compliance with the dictate.

The letter also stated that schools not following the mask mandate would become unrecognizable by the Illinois State Board of Onderwys meaning that students could lose out on scholarship money, not be able to compete in IHSA athletic programs, and colleges could penalize students for not having an accredited high school diploma,” Mensik wrote.

He concluded, “Please know that we will continue to follow this mandate and appreciate the cooperation from all staff, students and visitors.

Fox News reached out to Mensik but did not hear back in time for publication.

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