Immigrant landlord slams eviction moratorium for destroying small businesses

JEN SIDOROVA: You know, what I hear is that a lot of people just going out of business, exactly as you said, or maybe they’re switching to the model that’s more like a vacation rental, a short-term rental other than long-term. What it’s really doing is that’s pushing young people or vulnerable people, who we might normally give a break and give them a chance, we simply can’t do this anymore because we cannot run the risk of having somebody living in our property for free and us having to pay mortgage and utilities and keeping it up. It’s just impossible for somebody who only has maybe two or three units.

Right. They made landlords villains. But honestly, I am an immigrant. I moved to this country when I was 18. I worked every day. I paid my taxes. It’s been like 15 years since I was able to afford a property and now it’s my time to build some generational wealth and invest, and the government is taking it right out of my hands. They’re robbing me out of my American dream. Honestly, I feel like I speak on behalf of all the hard-working immigrants in this country. This is simply not the America we signed up for.


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