'In the Valley of Sin': The real story behind the fake sex ring that changed Wenatchee forever

12月中 1994, Mark and Carol Doggett had been accused of raping one of their children after moving to Wenatchee, and were each consequently charged with ten years in state prison. But it never actually happened; it was later discovered that the Doggett children had been bullied into accusing their parents of sexual assault by investigators.

入場料, でも, created a domino effect of alleged 犯罪, which led to the reveal of an apparent child sex ring call ‘The Circle.


‘The Circle’ only continued to worsen after Pastor Roby Roberson and his wife Connie were also arrested and charged with raping their four-year-old daughter. The pastor became known as the ringleader of the ‘The Circle,’ with police claiming they had substantial evidence against him and his church congregation.

もう一度, the accusation was unfoundedand it left Wenatchee desperate for answers.

による the special, “[Wenatchee] was divided. Half of the people were convinced that there was a sex fiend behind every sign post… The other half were convinced that those people thought that were crazy.

The man responsible for leading the investigation into ‘The Circle’ was detective Bob Perez, whose nine-year-old foster daughter, Donna Everett, allegedly told him that she had been sexually assaulted by her birth parentsmaking her a central force behind these claims. Donna’s sister, メリンダ, corroborated her claims of being victimized.

後で, these claims were revealed to be falseputting Bob Perez at the center of a fake news scandal that rocked Wenatchee.

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Perez’s warped investigation efforts resulted in forty-three parents incarcerated for 29,726 accounts of sexual abuse, and many of their children being forced into the foster system. 当時の, it was considered the largest sex ring in the history of America.

But none of it actually happened.

今, ‘In the Valley of Sin’ a six-hour documentary seriesshares the stories of the families wrongfully convicted, and demonstrates their resilience in overcoming these harrowing accusations.

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