Indiana candy shop goes viral for job posting that includes 'sexist' rant

candy shop in Indiana recently went viral after its owner used a post on Facebook about hiring to seemingly vent some of the issues he’s had with past employees. 게시물에서, he reportedly attributed one of the negative behaviors mainly to girls, which caused some social media users to respond with accusations of sexism.

The Facebook page for Good’s Candy Shop in Anderson has apparently been deleted.

The Facebook page for Good’s Candy Shop in Anderson has apparently been deleted. (iStock)

The Facebook page for Good’s Candy Shop in Anderson has apparently been deleted. Before it was taken down, the owner posted about how the shop was hiring for various positions, including ice cream cake decorators and customer service, 그만큼 뉴욕 포스트 보고서.


According to the news outlet, after explaining that the shop’s motto waswork hard, be nice,” the shop’s owner continued the post by complaining about the different types of people he’s had to deal with as employees.

He reportedly complained about whiners, complainers and lazy workers while also creating nicknames for other types of workers, such as roamers, hiders and controllers.

The post took an unexpected turn, 하나, when it began describing a type of worker that the owner calls splitters. 분명히, the owner uses this nickname for the type of worker that tries to split people apart.

더 많은 폭스 라이프 스타일 뉴스를 보려면 FACEBOOK에서 우리를 따르십시오.

According to the news outlet, he followed this up by explaining that the behavior was mainly seen in young girls, who were taught to behave this way by their mothers. Later in the post, he reportedly said boys were more likely to duke it out.

Users on Facebook reportedly responded by calling the post, and the shop’s owner, 성 차별 주의자. Several users reportedly commented that the owner didn’t come across as a good boss to work for. According to the New York Post, at least one response accused him of being awoman-hating troll.

The New York Post reports that online critics described the post assexist.

The shop’s owner, Randy Good, responded to the backlash by apologizing for the language used in some of the responses on the shop’s Facebook page, 그만큼 Herald Bulletin 보고서. He also reportedly said that he thought the post was benign and that he thought everyone else had experienced the behaviors he was complaining about.

Fox News attempted to contact Good’s Candy Shop for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

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